For all your Horological and clock related needs.


Easter 2024: I’m taking a short break until the 15th of April; so please, send me an email and I’ll get back to you after then.

Custom, but standard

I know each clock is unique, and strongly encourage you to discuss with me the best course of action to bring your valued possession back to its prime.
However, I understand that some can be put off by open-ended and possibly expensive courses of action – that’s why I will give you a written estimate of the costs before doing anything to your clock, and will not exceed that if more work is required without your express permission.
For clocks that are not faulty but simply need a clean and a service, I have a standard set of costs that I will send you on request, depending on the number of trains or functions that the clock has, starting with simple timepieces, moving up to striking and then chiming clocks.
Any faults identified during servicing will be discussed and no further action will be taken without your express permission. All replaced parts will be returned to you, and before and after photos will be taken of all work that is done to the movement.